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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Diebold Voting Machines

Has the St. louis Election Board ever heard of Dade or Broward Counties ?


  • In case anyone isn't paying attention, all the evidence in Ohio now shows that the election was stolen! While not the only tool used, the Diebold machines were perhaps one of the most effective.

    Let's see, 4000 votes for Bush in a district with 600 voters TOTAL. Then there was the district where the Kerry votes kept diappearing off the screens.

    Then there's that little problem of not being able to take a recount because there are no paper trails. Let me see, Diebold makes ATM machines which give paper trails everyday, all the time, yet they can't give a paper receipt for one vote one every two or four years. Hmmmmm...

    None of the problems, might I mention, benefitted the Democrats and there is NO evidence Democrats perpetrated fruad. So when the Repubs start whining about how "everybody does it" (and I HAVE heard that whine from a number of Repubs) look 'em straight in the eyes and say, "NO, they don't!"

    So back to Diebold in St. Louis and Missouri here... WHAT WERE OUR DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIVES THINKING???????? I know one or two folks who supposedly worked on this issue and once more WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????

    How about letting us in on the mental machinations folks????

    By Blogger Joy, at 10:31 AM  

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