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Monday, January 30, 2006

Key Stone Cops

Even in the height of Desegragation there was an (un) honorable code that Law Enforcement Departments respected County boundaries. You don't cross into my turf and I won't cross into yours. Now the Keystone Cops of Maplewood ,Aka "F" Troop. took it on themselves to not only engage in a dangerous high speed car chase through Their town but also the City of St. Louis for Several miles. Maplewood is very close to the far Southwest border of the City between Highways 44 and 64. After chasing the young guy to North St. Louis City near Highway 70 and Grand Ave, they apparently got tired, caught the law breaker (we assume) and three of the cops started beating the hell out of the guy a fourth cop, from the City of St. Louis shows up to stop the beating, "OOPS" he decides to join in the fun and starts to stomp the guy all the time the guy after being thrown faced first into a wall is laying helpless on the ground trying to cover up. Now this is all caught on camera by the News Media (thank you Rodney King) however the two Departments need time to review the tape before making a determination on the incident, I hope the camera person didn't give them their only copy. If this doesn't lead to the firing of all the involved Officers, it will be the worse Instant Replay Call of all time. This Sucks, and that's my opinion.

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  • Two crimes were committed here and two crimes need to be punished. It will be an interesting push at the BOA meeting this Friday, won't it?

    By Blogger Larsdatter, at 10:54 PM  

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