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Friday, January 27, 2006

Kerry leads charge against Alito -- Go John Go!

John Kerry couldn't have found a better time to find a missing part of his anatomy.

Looks like John Kerry has a backbone after all. Many of us wondered if the Vietnam Vet had it removed after Vietnam when we saw his wimpy, lackluster presidential campaign but NOOOOOO. He just had it parked in the other vacation home I guess. Seems the butler must have found it and dusted it off for him to use to lead the fillibuster against Alito. Wherever it was, I'm just glad its attached to his body for the moment.

Now let's see some other Democrats find their "spines" and jump into the fray.

And oh, in case your Repub friends have you wondering if the Dems have just gone bonkers after a "nice guy" as one of my Repub friends describes him, think again. Alito's stands on supporting an imperial presidency should be chilling your spine. In Alito's world illegal presidential phone taps are okay and illegal torture of prisoners is part of doing world business. Hmm, sounds like something one of Stalin's boys would have said, doesn't it?

And if you haven't let our Senators know that you aren't ready for a fascist state, today's a great day to dial 'em up. Heck, you know Talent and Bond's staffs are just dying to hear from us!


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