Shades of Blue

Friday, January 27, 2006

British report Israel preparing to attack Iran

I hope all those folks who have been supporting Israel are ready for what Israel is about to unleash on the world. The British Sunday Post reports that The Jerusalem Post has reported that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is ready to rock and roll into burgeoning nuclear Iran.

That's what the world needs, a total escalation of Middle Eastern tensions into a religious war! This isn't the 60's and Iran isn't Entebbe. If the Israelis do their little two-step into Iran you've got to know the fecal matter will be propelled into the rotating blades. There's no quicky in-and-out going to happen no matter how good the IAF is. Why, because it WON'T be just Iran retaliating.

Too bad we don't have a President who knows how to stop wars rather than inflame them. (Gosh, I miss Bill C. and his peace brigades!).

Thanks to the ever-vigilent Truth-Out independent news feed for news you won't see on Channel 5, 4 or 2.


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