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Friday, February 03, 2006

Carnahan does good for our future and the environment, Talent and Bond flunk

I guess Bond and Talent really do think this is the last generation so they don't have to worry about the environment. Heck, who needs to keep this one in good shape for other generations if its all a done deal I guess?

Thankfully, Russ Carnahan has better sense (and probably a better education to boot since he seems to understand some scientific principles). Our own Carnahan got a rare 100% rating on voting to protect our environment. Way to go Russ!!!!!

On the other hand, Talent and Bond must have skipped those oh so essential bio and chemistry classes because they both got BIG ZEROES on their voting records. I guess Jim and Kit don't care as much about their kids (and your kids) as Russ does. If they did, they wouldn't be stealing thier planet out from under them and giving it to Delay's (and Blunt's) friends with the deep pockets and the shallow morals.

If you want to know more, check out the report card rankings from the much respected Defenders of Wildlife.


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