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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More sunshine on a black hole -- fact-based politics looks at a faith-based State of the Union

The state of this union is not good. We are poorer, frightened, faced with the swelling ranks of enemies our leaders have created, and hell-bent to do away with the most precious aspects of our system of government. We are surveilled, propagandized, intimidated. We empower the radicals and disenfranchise the common good. We are fed swill via the television and thus convinced that what they tell us is what we already believe. We are bought, and we are paid for. -- William Rivers Pitt

Want some real facts that belie Bush's myths in the State of the Union? Check out William Rivers Pitt's article on Truthout. Pitt names numbers and relates facts, not illusory vaguaries.

Thanks to Jeannette for paasing along this light-shedder of an article.


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