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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Land-based nuclear weapons being developed in the US -- shooting ourselves in the foot with a REALLY hot one!

Do we never learn? We develop terrorists and aim them at the Russians. The result? The terrorists get done with the Russians and turn around at us. We develop nasty weapons (okay we didn't do it. The military-industrial complex as that radical President Eisenhower called it developed the nasty ones.) then somebody buys them and, oops, aims them at us. Sheesh! Can't we figure out that everytime we devise something ugly or train someone to be uglier than they already are, it gets aimed back at us?

I guess not because now we're allowing the military types to develop jeep-based nuclear bombs. Do these people look beyond their next quarterly earnings? Ever? Did they never see Clancy's "The Sum of All Fears?" Hey, I don't even read his stuff and I got the message! Don't release something you don't want in your own backyard. It was bad enough when the bombs had to be dropped out of planes. Now they want bombs you can load into the back of the family SUV.

Talk about making it easy for the Timothy McVey types! Too bad he's missing the upcoming fun times. This could have made his job soooo much easier! Who meeds Ammonuium Nitrate?

If you want to check out the Australian-made video on this subject, the Information Clearing House has it on their site.

I just keep seeing that scene in the television version of Stephen King's "he Stand" where the character racked with nuclear sickness from hanging out in a nuclear silo and then riding a nuclear bomb back into Las Vegas as an offering to " the Walking Man," (a demon in human form) rides the bomb right into the huge crowd. Talk about your nuclear chickens coming home to rest! For those of you who didn't see that or read the book, the nuclear bomb took out all of Las Vegas and The Walking Man. Hey, could it be that's where these military designers got the idea?

Thanks to Howard Hoskins for passing this on too!


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