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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New day for Republican Ethics -- Don't bet on it!

This just in from Truthdig. It seems that the new Majority Leader just can't keep his nose or any other part of him clean, ethically speaking.

Boehner Renting Apartment From Lobbyist

Posted on Feb. 8, 2006

Rep. John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), who was elected House majority leader last week, is renting his Capitol Hill apartment from a veteran lobbyist whose clients have direct stakes in legislation Boehner has co-written and that he has overseen as chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee.

The relationship between Boehner, John D. Milne and Milne’s wife, Debra R. Anderson, underscores how intertwined senior lawmakers have become with the lobbyists paid to influence legislation. Boehner’s primary residence is in West Chester, Ohio, but for $1,600 a month, he rents a two-bedroom basement apartment near the House office buildings on Capitol Hill owned by Milne, Boehner spokesman Don Seymour said yesterday. Boehner’s monthly rent appears to be similar to other rentals of two-bedroom English basement apartments close to the House side of the Capitol in Southeast, based on a review of apartment listings.

Truthdig says: So this is the hope of the new scandal-free House of Republicans?

We say: You say Boehner, I say Blunt. Let's call the whole thing off. Its time for some REAL changes!

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