Shades of Blue

Friday, May 19, 2006

Go Blue, Go!

Hope this trend holds true until August....

10 Primaries oust 25 Legislators From

Pennsylvania's primary results are likely to add to the jitters of political officeholders facing voters in November's mid-term elections.

Seventeen legislators, including the top two Senate leaders, were ousted Tuesday (May 16) in the biggest upheaval in a Keystone State primary in more than a quarter century.

Pennsylvania’s was the latest in a string of early primaries this year in which a total of 25 incumbent legislators, including six high-ranking leaders, have been tossed out – a rare occurrence for sitting state lawmakers who rarely face tough primary competition. In the 10 primaries held so far, powerful legislative leaders also were given the boot in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina and West Virginia.

The election returns are the latest sign that an anti-incumbent mood may be spreading through the electorate. Recent national polls have shown a growing disenchantment among voters with their elected representatives in the Republican-led Congress. While the polls focused on congressional races, the primary elections serve as the first indication that officeholders at the state level also may have reason to worry about re-election.

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