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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jeb Bush Denies Nutrients to Poor Kids and Keeps Up the Reptile Republican Family Traditions

So you think may be the Republicans have it right with that "values thing?" You think maybe you should be voting with the Christian (read that Republican) side of the aisle? Unless you're white, rich and ruthless, you better rethink that decision?

Need proof to break through your religiously-based denial? here's some from John Hatch via the Information Clearing House. Here's just the start of his hard-hitting, pull the rose-colored-glasses off editorial, Black Pearl.

Dark Pearl

“We don’t torture.”—George W. Bush (Straussian ‘ignoble lie’)

“We don’t do body counts.”—Gen. Tommy Franks (Straussian ignoble truth)

By John S. Hatch

03/20/06 "ICH" -- -- I don’t believe in Jesus, but I’m starting to believe in the devil. What is it about neo-con, Reptile-Republican Fundamentalist Christian politicians in particular, that accounts for such breath-taking, sadistic, self-indulgent, unnecessary cruelty? How to explain it? Florida Governor Jeb Bush wants to trim the state budget so he can deliver $1.5 in tax cuts to his wealthy friends. How to go about it—auction off some Diebold voting machines? Execute fewer blacks (perhaps just temporarily exclude kids, the mentally handicapped, the mentally ill, or the demonstrably innocent)? No. He is actually denying high-nutrient formula to high-need, high-risk children, such as those with CP or those on dialysis who need to be fed through a stomach tube. Medicaid went from a more expensive version to one which cost $15 for six cans, to nothing. It was suggested that parents and caregivers ‘blenderize’ food and insert that down their sick kids’ tubes, something which most doctors argue is ineffective and dangerous. Maybe just send the kids to Guantanamo, where they know how to deal with picky eaters.

But really. Why would a Governor, a filthy rich guy, a member of the Bush Dynasty, perhaps the next American emperor, a Christian who wears his love o’ Jesus on his sleeve, why would such a man want to deny life-saving nutrients to sick and dying children at a real savings amounting to a virtual nullity, that is a negative number because as they get sicker as a result of his policy, children need more and more expensive medical intervention. Is this the same governor who became girlie-man hysterical over the case of the unfortunate Terri Schiavo who turned out to be deathly impervious to all his incantations and invocations and pious pronouncements about the sanctity of life? Turns out she was as brain dead as the last guy he ushered to the electric chair, just as all the not-so-girlie doctors said. It’s funny the life-and-death distinctions that the reptile republicans draw with such ease. Did I mention that the milk-denied feeding-tube kids happen to be dirt-Katrina poor? Maybe that’s a clue. At the same time as the Schiavo fiasco was unfolding, the exact opposite was taking place with regard to a little girl on a ventilator in another hospital. The insurance company wanted it shut off. The mother did not. Guess who won? And do you think the little girl was white, or black? Seems in Bushland if you’re white (with money) you have a right to life (even if you’re dead). If you’re black, and poor, you have a right to die. Harsh? Katrina, kachink.

Read the rest on Information Clearinghouse.


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