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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Medicare scandal brought to you by Abramoff and the Republicans

Think the problem with the Medicare prescription program was a bi-partisan mess? Think again!

Think the Abramoff scandal is bipartisan? Think again!

Think neither of these have much to do with how YOU voted? Think again!

Truthout has published a letter from three good Democrats (as opposed to the Republican-lites like one Senator from Connecticut) calling for an investigation into the Abramoff's Alexander Strategy Group and how they helped to engineer the current Medicare prescription fiasco for the benefit of their Pharma clients. Pelosi, Waxman and Hoyer have laid it out in their letter to Senate Majority Leader Hastert why Abramoff's involvement in the Medicare mayhem should be investigated, along with his good buddy Tom Delay.

Tom Delay, he's old news right? Wrong! He's not out of the picture yet and more importantly it looks like his successor might just be another "friend to Pharma," Roy Blount. Our own PG Matt's daddy. According to reports, Roy Blount plans on carrying forward Delay's gameplan. So don't worry big donors. The Republicans will still get to YOUR needs. Roy may be a different face but he's still Delay's boy.

So when you hear the news media talking about a "bi-partisan Abramoff scandal," just laugh. This is no more 'bi-partisan" than Tom Delay's and Roy Blount's list of favorite lobbyists and causes. Either the media commentators are too stupid to know better, too lazy to look for themselves or perhaps just too loyal to other masters than the American people. Roy Blount knows which is the real reason mainstream media won't tell you the truth and you should too.


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