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Monday, January 30, 2006

Keystone Cops at least knew when cameras were running

How dense (or high on your own testosterone) do you have to be to NOT notice a news helicopter hovering over you?

Okay, I have hunting dogs and I understand the "thrill of the chase" but even my dogs know when they get called off their prey to back off. Did these cops just forget they didn't have jurisdiction in St. Louis? (Interesting they don't want to live or work here but they sure don't seem to mind when its time to kick somebody's bottom in St. Louis.) And the St. Louis cop, was it just that the smell of blood got to him?

Now in all fairness to St. Louis cops, most of the ones I've dealt with have been very good. Most of the cops in our neighborhood are sensible, intelligent, friendly and on-the-ball folks. Some of the guys patrolling around the 8th Ward really are the best and brightest. (At the very least they would have looked up, seen the helicopter and had the good sense to think several times before they jumped in the fun-for-all in front of them.) Maybe that's why this seems just soooo wrong. We've come to expect more from OUR guys in blue.


  • My approach to handling police when stopped was to always obey their demands. Unlike the guy in the Maplewood,Mo. situation who ran. I am now re-thinking my previous view point, in light of the Chino, Cali incident I may start reacting like the Maplewood guy, however I hope I can get away.In either case it looks like I wouldn't have a prayer

    By Blogger Deep Blue, at 10:15 PM  

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