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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Congratulatons Jim Talent!

This just in from Kansas City... Senator Talent has been named (drum roll please) the Most Bigoted Senator! Way to go Jim!!!! Working hard to attain low goals!!!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Contact: William Rosen 816.363.5417
PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES: Senator Jim Talent (R-MO) Is Awarded The Most Bigoted Senator Award

(Kansas City, MO) DontAmend Kansas City has awarded Senator Jim Talent (R-MO) the Most Bigoted Senator Award. "It's frankly time to tell the truth about our national representatives." says William Rosen spokesperson for the Kansas City Chapter. "Senator Talent, by his own record, has been the most virulently anti-gay Senator in the United States Senate." "His original co-sponsorship of the Federal Marriage Amendment ([S.J.RES.13.IS]), and his flat out lies about his promises to not cut Federal Medicaid show to his Missouri constituents that he is not only bigoted, but also lies about what he is going to do for Missouri."

In March 2005, Talent wrote in a Letter to the Editor that he would "continue to support increased federal funding for this critical program." [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Letter to the Editor, 3/21/05] [1]. The St Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board slammed Talent's decision to vote against protecting Medicaid: "One would have thought that Missouri's Sens. Christopher S. `Kit' Bond and Jim Talent would have joined the effort, in light of the Medicaid crisis in Missouri. But both stuck to the hard GOP line of cutting taxes on the rich while cutting health care for the poor." [St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial, 3/20/05]."

Thanks to Steve Belosi with the St. Charles Democrats for passing this on to us!


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