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Monday, April 10, 2006

Tuition Tax Credit Vouchers not good

From Missouri ProVote (sorry the links don't work - visit the CityBlue website to look up the legistator's emails and phone numbers)
Join us as we struggle to bring attention to a huge danger to our public schools: Tuition Tax Credit Vouchers.

Late Monday, March 13, the Missouri House of Representatives passed House Bill 1783 out of committee; the bill creates Tuition Tax Credit Vouchers, which would drain $40 million dollars from public education and healthcare. The pro-voucher campaign is financed by out-of-state right wing billionaires who are heirs to the WalMart and AmWay fortunes. See the Missouri Citizen Education Report on All Children Matter for further information.

This bill, now named House Committee Subsitute for House Bill 1783 and 1479 (HCS HB 1783 and 1479), institutingTuition Tax Credit Vouchers could head to the floor as soon as Tuesday, March 28. Call your State Representative NOW and tell them to vote NO! Click here to find your Representative.

Missouri Progressive Vote is working with People for Public Schools, a wide coalition of pro-public education organizations. Click here to read a useful critique of the pro-voucher bill that was prepared by People for Public Schools.

To bring attention to the dangers of vouchers to public schools, rallies were held in St. Loius, Columbia, and Kansas City on March 21, 2006. A bus took ralliers from St. Louis down Interstate 70 to highlight the dangers of vouchers.

Thanks to the hundreds of people who got on the bus or came out to the rallies on Tuesday, March 21, 2006. The bus tour received press around the state. Click here for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article. Click here for the Columbia Missourian article. Click here for the Kansas City Star article. See Pro-Vote targeted candidate State Representative Judy Baker's strong opposition to vouchers here.


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